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"Symptom-Constellations & Healing Voices" 

Facilitator: Dr. Karl-Heinz Rauscher

Workshop 1

27. Feb. 2021: 7am - 11am CET (Berlin)

Workshop 2

     28. Febr. 2021: 7am - 11am CET (Berlin)

As part of the International Systemic Constellation Conference Feb 25 - Mar 4, 2021 organized by "Australasian Constellation Intensive"

65 presenters, 120 workshops

1 DAY: 126 USD

3 DAYS: 420 USD

7 DAYS: 684 USD

The body is our friend. It is much wiser than we. In this masterclass, you learn to listen to its voice. Symptoms and illnesses, whether physical or mental, bring messages which show the real cause in the background, for example personal trauma in childhood or in a former incarnation, trans-generational trauma in the family system or collective burdens that have been affecting the society. This is also true for the actual Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).


In this workshop you will learn how to differentiate between those areas in a Symptom-Constellation with a special test (4-Column-Test)

You will also learn how to detect collective trauma in the system, which often is a consequence of war, expulsion, genocide, the disrespect and oppression of women by patriarchal systems or the disrespect of nature.


After the initial teaching Dr. Rauscher will do a Symptom-Constellation for a participant. Like in an individual session he will work with papers on the floor as place holders in a large room, where he will step into every position to gather the information of the system. In this way you will learn how to do single sessions online for you clients worldwide.

He will apply his shamanic healing method “Healing Voices” at the end of the constellation to bring the healing movements to a higher level.



Symptomaufstellungen & Healing Voices

Tscherms, Südtirol

21. - 23. Mai 2021

Fr. 18 Uhr - So 17 Uhr

An diesem Wochenende können Sie Ihr Symptom oder Ihre Krankheit systemisch aufstellen lassen und herausfinden, welche Botschaft Ihnen Ihr Symptom oder Ihre Krankheit überbringen möchte. Wenn Sie die Botschaft verstanden haben, kann sich das Symptom zurückziehen, die Krankheit kann heilen. Zur vollständigen Heilung trägt die schamanische Heilmethode „Healing Voices“ wesentlich bei.


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