cOLLEcTIVE constellation

The collective constellation deals with social problems that affect many people. Typical topics are war and peace, the increase of violence in society, the rise of right-wing radicalism, the threat of terrorism, the corona pandemic and much more.

Here, too, the constellation first  identifies the causal collective trauma in the background of society, in the collective subconscious. Then solutions are found. Healing the collective primal trauma, which may have happened decades or centuries ago, is an essential part of the solution.


Since collective trauma is the sum of emotional burdens of many individuals, soul healing is an important part of the process. Therefore, Dr. Rauscher works in the final phase of the collective constellation with the shamanic healing method "Healing Voices". This has a positive impact on collective emotions in society such as grief, aggression, revenge and depression.

Collective constellations affect many people at the same time and are therefore socially relevant.


See the written documentation of two impressive, collective constellations in Mexico and USA  in the articles "Peace" and "Corona - Message for Humanity" (see below).




Insights from a collective constellation in Mexico City 2016


Insights from a collective constellation in  Washington DC 2020 (online)

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